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I authorise Walshs Pharmacy to forward repeat prescription requests to my doctor, and to collect prescriptions from the surgery on my behalf.

I understand the decision to issue a prescription lies entirely with my doctor

Walshs Pharmacy should be considered as my nominated pharmacy for this and any future schemes (including electronic transfer), until future notice.

Any prescription requests/ collections / deliveries are subject to all legal constraints and standard operating procedures. Photo identification or proof of payment exemption may be required.

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that the request details are correct and up to date. The requests are patient generated, and should not be construed as a patient medication record or licenced requestion order, and as such are not subject to the relevent medical or data protection protocols. Inform the pharmacist of any changes or deletions. The pharmacist has the right to exercise professional judgement in deciding whether to permit the order request, collection or delivery. Accepting a order request does not legally bind the pharmacy to fulfilling the request, certain restrictions may occur.

I allow Walshs Pharmacy to contact me via e-mail or sms. Walshs pharmacy agrees not to pass on your details to any third party.

We hold the right to terminate or restrict access to the web-site.


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